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The Hike Collective acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this nation. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which we hike. We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past and present. The Hike Collective is committed to honouring Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ unique cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, waters and seas and their rich contribution to society.

Our hike leaders


Kate G.

Founder and hike leader

Fave track - Bluff Knoll for the physical challenge and views, Lesmurdie falls for the waterfalls. 

Fave snack - Are Cupcakes a snack?

Why I hike - for mental clarity, and a physical challenge. I believe that my mind strengthens when  my body is strong. 

How I help hikers - Being an ear to listen to, offering support and laughter when they might feel like its a little challenging. I like to believe that providing a hiking community can help give hikers a sense of belonging, and encourage newbies to step out and try it. My community is everything to me!

Quirky fun fact - My middle name is Elizabeth because I was born on the Queens birthday.


Emma B.

Hike Leader

Fave track - Eagle View Trail at John Forrest National Park or Numbat Trail at Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary.
Fave snack - A brownie but anything chocolate really.
Why I hike - I suffer with anxiety so getting out in nature clears my head, provides me with inspiration, keeps me fit, allows me to experience new places and meet lots of awesome like minded people.
How I help hikers - Make them feel welcome. Get to know them and their own story. Provide motivation when needed and have fun along the way.
Quirky fun fact - I hate peas!


Mariana P. 

Hike Leader

Fave track – Serpentine Kitty’s Gorge. A long trail with lovely natural scenery that can only be accessed by foot, its ascents and descents that reveals views of small waterfalls, uneven grounds, and the magical section filled with butterflies. 
Fave snack – Vanilla Icecream, delicious!!!!
Why I hike – Every hike is rewarding me with a surprise: Maybe seeing a beautiful landscape, maybe a combination of colours in a field filled with wildflowers, maybe a story of a person that I have just met …I hike with the Hike Collective for the chance it gave me to experience this with people alike, clearing my mind and enjoying simple things. I hike for the memories that I make on the way to the top.
How I will help hikers – sharing my love for hiking, sharing stories and different experiences, welcoming into a group of friends.
Quirky fun fact – I used to like geography, but now I can’t remember places!!! I Really like Coffee...


May O.

Hike Leader

Fave track: Sullivans Rock to Mt Cooke (or The Big Beehive if you ever find yourself in Canada! ). 

Fave snack: Jerky or blueberries. 

Why you hike: Keeps me grounded and present, and teaches me to continue pushing past my comfort zone as it will always lead to incredible experiences, places & people.

How will l help hikers: Always willing to lend an ear, cheer on the team as we explore and make sure everyones leaves each hike with an awesome story to share & some fab memories!


Kate M.

Hike Leader 

Fave track: I can’t choose a favourite as I have enjoyed all of the hikes I have done. I find they are all unique in different ways.
Fave snack: I love peanut butter so anything with peanut butter on it really!
Why I hike: I love to move and be outdoors, I find it is peaceful and definitely helps with my mental health and wellbeing. It’s also a great way to make new friends. 
How I help hikers - I aim to make everyone feel welcome and have a great time.


Erin J.

Hike Leader 

Fave track: I've loved all the hikes I've done so far with the hike collective! 
Fave snack: Anything with chocolate in - I'm a massive chocoholic! 
Why I hike: To clear my head and calm my mind. I love getting back to nature & away from the constant chaos of life with 3 little ladies! Plus I love the idea of raising mental health awareness through hiking!
How I help hikers - I bring I bring a sense of enthusiasm mixed with a lot of patience to help motivate when fellow hikers are struggling, or alleviate fears or concerns on the hike.
Quirky fun fact - I'm in training to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in February next year, raising money for Beyond Blue in the process!!


Maxine M.

Hike Leader (The Scottish)

Fave track - Baldwin’s Bluff. 

Fave snack - rocky road.

Why I hike - Getting out in nature clears my head, keeps me fit, allows me to experience new places and now, through hike collective, I get to meet lots of awesome, like minded people.

How I help hikers - motivation, making solo hikers feel part of the group by chatting and introducing them to others and piggy backs if required!


Julia H.

Hike Leader - (The German)

Fave track - Herdsman Lake and Whistle Pipe Gully - looking forward to exploring more tracks and especially hiking them after a bit of rain. 

Fave snack - Nuts and cranberries 

Why I hike -  Clear my head and get away from everything. Also, I CANNOT be at home without continuously checking the fridge and pantry and EAT, EAT, EAT- that is why my hikes are getting longer and longer. 

How I help hikers - Being relatively new to trail hiking, i can relate with the newbies.


Abdul M.

Hike Leader 

Fave Track - Bibbulmun Track between Sullivans Rock and Monadnocks Campsite. Access to Mt Vincent, Mt Cuthbert and Mt Randall.
Fave Snack - Macadamia Nuts
Why I Hike - To explore new areas, meet new people and to clear my mind.
How I help hikers -  By providing guidance and answering any questions they may have. If I don't know the answer I'll do my best to find someone who does. 

Quirky fun fact - If I'm not saying much I'm probably singing to myself. Used to go to karaoke a bit


Bronwyn L.

Hike Leader 

Fave Track - Bells Rapids, Swan Valley for the river and Baldwin's Bluff, Serpentine for the view. One that is probably my absolute favourite is Mt Hallowell (Bibblumun track) 6hr hike from Monkey Rock in Light's Beach, Denmark. 
Fave snack -  Bliss balls and trail mix
Why I hike -  The awesome feeling of reaching the top/finish and being out in nature.
How I help hikers: Welcome the newbies and offer encouragement.
Fun fact - I can curl my tongue and back in the day I won statewide trophies for go karting.


Doug B. 

Hike Leader 

Fave track - Bibbulmun between Muttonbird camp site and Walpole 
Fave snack - coffee milk or cheesecake. Wait: coffee milk And cheesecake. Now you're talking. 
Why I hike - Love the peace and energy I get from the trail, and great like minded people. 
How I help hikers - sharing experiences, offering guidance (in hiking matters) and welcoming you all to the trail family. 
Quirky fun fact - I have been given the trail name "Wild" because the other hiker though my pack was huge like Cheryl Strayed's in the movie Wild.


Mischa T.

Hike Leader

Fave track- I was going to say ‘Eye of the tiger’ , sorry hiking trails; anything with a great view and woodlands. 
Fave snack - Turkish delight and coffee (is a given)
Why I hike- I’m a mum of three mischievous boys, one of my kids is intellectually disabled; I find being a special needs parent & parenting can be quite isolating. I needed to connect with like minded people, a bit of me time and to stay fit (be able to stay on my toes with my 3). I have found a new love of being outdoors, immersed in nature and hiking with the hike collective.
How I help hikers - Welcoming them to the new experiences that the Hike Collective can bring.
Quirky fun fact - I have a bucket list, I never entered a marathon and wanted to take a crack at one. So I’m in training for climbing 1,103 steps to the top of Central Park, Perths tallest building for Step up for MSWA 30th June 2019.